Landscape Committee

Members of the landscape committee are charged with insuring that residents maintain their properties in conformance with the CC&R's. All Parc Bethany residents legally agreed to abide by these rules when they acquired their property. The landscape committee periodically does a neighborhood "walkaround" to insure that residence landscaping and maintenance conform to the rules and conditions detailed in the CC&R's. In the event that some infraction is noted, a notice will be delivered to the residence informing the owner of the problem. The committe realizes that there are often good reasons why the condition is as it is and a simple explanatory call to the committee head will quickly allow a satisfactory solution. The committee only does the walkaround periodically and they have no way of knowing the circumstances of a particular residence. The notice is simply a reminder and if resolved expediently, will go no further. Continued or unresolved infractions will result in further notices, finally culminating in action by the PBHOA Board and possible fines. Please keep in mind that the landscape committee consists of uncompensated volunteers who are willing to donate their time to help keep the neighborhood an attractive and profitable place to live.


Marilyn Capello