Community Events

Neighborhood Block Parties

In the interest of promoting neighbors meeting neighbors, the Board has approved reimbursement of expenses, up to $100, for neighborhood summer block parties. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The block party must be open and announced to all residents of the block (street, cul-de-sac etc.).
  2. At least five neighborhood homes must participate in the gathering.
  3. The organizers must seek the approval from the board at least two weeks in advance. The information provided to the board should consist of date and venue of the party and names of families planning to attend.
  4. For reimbursement, receipts of purchases and names and addresses of the attendees should be submitted to the board after the event.
  5. Attendees should only include Parc Bethany residents (no local outsiders). It is okay for out of town overnight guests staying with attendee families to participate.