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Annual Backflow Assembly Testing

When properly installed and tested, a backflow assembly protects your home and the community's drinking water from potential backflow hazards. Common hazards requiring an assembly include:

  • in-ground irrigation systems
  • wells
  • swimming pools
  • fire sprinkler systems
  • boilers
  • water features (waterfalls, ponds, streams, etc.)

All backflow assemblies - except atmospheric vacuum breakers - are required to be tested annually by a certified tester, who then must submit the report to TVWD for approval. This is in accordance with TVWD and state requirements.

The list on the lower right contains all Parc Bethany residences that have indicated a desire to be included in the group rate we have arranged. The listed homes will have their assemblies tested every year until specifically removed from the list by written request. Our contractor transmits the results electronically to TVWD. You need not be home during the testing and the water does not have to be turned off.

Neighborhood Critters

There have been several reports of skunks, raccoons, possums and feral cats in the neighborhood the past two years. Several pets have been sprayed by skunks... not a pleasant experience! Please do not leave food or pets outdoors any more than necessary. PURPOSELY FEEDING WILDLIFE IS A REALLY BAD IDEA! Several homes have reported nested animals in their crawl spaces, leading to expensive trapping and removal costs. Installing chicken wire or louvered vents over the crawl space exhausts can minimize or eliminate this problem. It worked for us! Here is a handy link about dealing with our local wildlife:

Home and Landscaping Maintenance

One of the main tasks of your HOA is to maintain the value and beauty of our community, so periodically look at your home exterior and yard to see that it is contributing to curb appeal and to keeping our neighborhood beautiful. Evaluate your yard and determine whether it could use some improvements as time and finances permit. Here are a few maintenance items to consider:

Neat, attractive, and well-maintained landscaping:
  • Are there any dead or dying plants? Is your property weedy?
  • Are there any trees or shrubs which are overhanging the sidewalks, common area walls or trees?
  • Are there plants that are too large for the area and either need pruning or replacement?
  • Are any trees for which you are responsible overhanging the sidewalk by less than 7 feet?
  • Significant modifications to front yard landscapes require architecture committee approval.
Well-maintained exteriors:
  • Is your house paint in good shape? Remember painting and reroofing require Architecture Committee approval.
  • Are your roofs moss free?
  • Is there any debris or construction items in view from the streets/sidewalks?
  • Are trash containers kept out of public view?
  • No nuisance vehicles or vehicles in disrepair are allowed on the street or driveway.
  • Are wood fences in good repair? Remember wood fence modification requires Parc Bethany Fence Guidelines approval.

Solar Panels

Some residents have asked about installing solar panels on their roof. The HOA has no specific regulations regarding solar installation, but there are guidelines and Oregon regulations regarding this question. Here are links to documents related to solar that have been collected by your HOA. The only HOA restriction that applies to solar is the general overall appearance of the installation, so the Architecture committee must be contacted before any work is done.

Oregon Solar Installation Code and Commentary

Oregon Solar Electric Guide

Solar Permitting and the Oregon Code

Solar Access Law in the United States